We are on a mission to shape a better future with innovative protocols and products on Bitcoin.

Glasshaus Venture Studio is developing visionary products and protocol level solutions for the Bitcoin ecosystem. We are at the forefront of innovation and impact, with a keen focus on the blockchain space.

Our projects enjoy the benefits of community first development practices paired with advanced product incubation, and high-velocity company creation. Join our robust ecosystem of masterminds, mentors, and capital resources.

Glasshaus Venture Studios is building protocol level solutions for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Our high-velocity venture studio uses a community first approach to developing innovative solutions and bringing them to market.

We de-risk our projects by building products and companies after thorough analysis, research and identification of real need and ease of access to existing communities and networks experiencing a pain that can be solved with a product.

Our culture is centered around constant learning and evolution in collaboration with the crowd, which enables us to create impactful companies with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Join us in investing in the future of Bitcoin.